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Upconverting video


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Any enlightenment much appreciated:


I have a Pioneer DVD V8000. It boasts the capability of upconverting video for HD. I'm a little unclear as to how to do this. Do I go component (5 wire) out to DVI in on my Sanyo PLC-XF60A?


If so, will it even make any difference on a projector whose native res is 1024x768?


DVD will be authored at 480p. Is there any mileage in going for a "720p look" with this setup?


Thanks in advance for dragging me out of the dark ages!

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'Upconverting' is fundamentally a flawed process - you cannot get more information/detail than was in the original footage.


However, the inherent anti-aliasing involved in upscaling may make the pixels look nicer than letting the projector do it instead.


I presume that by "component (5-wire)" you mean RGBHV?

In which case, it's functionally identical to a VGA signal (minus a couple of unnecessary sense lines), and so can go anywhere that was happy with a VGA signal via suitable adapters.


The DVI input will not accept it, but the VGA (D-Sub15) and RGBHV inputs will.

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Do you think there's anything to be gained going DVD DVI-out to projector DVI-in?
Probably not.

The only advantage DVI has over VGA is that the DAC->ADC conversion train is removed.

In some situations this can help the image, but given the quality of DACs and ADCs these days, I doubt it's significant.


The disadvantages DVI has are cable length, cable & connector size, multitude of standards for connectors (ATi! Why?)

But it's digital right, and that's gotta be better?


You basically have the choice of using the upscaling capabilities of the projector or the upscaling abilities of you DVD player - or using some combination of both.

All I can really suggest is trying them both out with a sample of the source material, and see which does a better job.

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