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data video se800


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I bought a HTML to pal converter to get over the problem of the mixer not accepting the HTML signal.


converter works fine if you plug it in to the mixer it comes out clear on the preview screen, but does not send to the main out put.


I have tried taking the booster out to check it is not that.


if I plug the booster in to the preview output it displays fine.


am I missing something or is it the desk?



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First off I'm not too sure what an HTML to PAL convertor is. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It's used for coding webpages. Are you possibly confused with VGA/SVGA/XGA computer Data signal types? i.e. the display output from a computer?
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My money is on HDMI.



My helpful suggestion is to try putting a composite signal (PAL) into the input you are currently putting your converted signal into. See if you can make that image appear on the output. If you can then you know the mixer is functioning correctly and the problem must be somewhere else.


Next step, take the mixer out of the equation. Connect the output of your HDMI?>PAL converter directly to a monitor. The yellow phono connector on the front panel of most tv's will be suitable for this purpose. Can you see a picture now?


Yes? Then you know the converter is working.

No? Then you know the problem is either the converter or the source you are connecting to the converter. (Or it could be that you haven't switched to the correct input on your telly, best to check that, connect something else to that input, a dvd player perhaps?)


Hope to have been a little help.



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