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flash buttons on pearl desk


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Second stupid question...you are in run mode arent you? They wont work in programme...


What are you trying to do? Flash a chase? Or use the flash button to advance the chase?



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Also worth adding to Tom R's post is that for the flash (and swop) keys to work on the playbacks then you need to be in Run Mode (as stated), but Run "Normal" mode, not Run "takeover". As in run takover mode the flash and swop keys are disabled.



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Not quite....


In Run Mode Takeover you have flash on the playbacks, but NO swop - this is so you can still access palettes via the handle flash keys and select fixtures via the handle swop key.


In Run Mode Normal you have flash AND swop on playbacks as normal AND flash and swop on the appropriate handle. But no palettes or multiple fixture selection.


Also the OP says "I have tried linking them to a swop as instructed but to no avail."

This sounds like the OP has misunderstood linked playbacks, which are created by pressing and holding swop and flash buttons above playbacks. This is only used to link pb's - so if a change is made to the original it's transfered to the link. You can only do this in Live Program Mode, this is probably where the confusion came from, because when you press a pb flash key, you get the prompt to press a pb swop to make a link.







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