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PAR16 (birdies)


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If you are trade - Electrovision, or Leisuretec. (Electrovision usually do offers on par cans - I know they offered us a load of P64's with cable sets for £4.00 each last month !!!)


Otherwise, terralec, or good old craplin if you want it quickly.

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CPC - web site's down at the mo, but the paper catalogue lists black, white and chrome. Not as cheap as £4, but still cheap at around £8 for the quantities you want.

DP26129 or AR71849 for BK/CH


Actually - £8 is for the DTS 12v birdies. They also have some mains (GU10) versions in black/chrome for about six and a half quid.

DP28327 or DP28328


Both will include lamp holders.

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Hi, Steve


I would consider looking at Stagelighting.co.uk they have both Black and Chrome 16 Cans for £5+Vat Each

and also 10outof10 sell for the same price, both suppliers I could recomend.


Hope this helps,


Your fellow Mountviewian

Mr Pineapple. ** laughs out loud **

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