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To all MAC2000 users - reliable?


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Hi Guys,


I have had a good offer on buying some MAC2000s. The features look stunning for our work (a mixture of gobo projection, rock n roll, and special effects, sometimes architectural).


However, I have heard from someone who already owns some that there are a lot of reliability issues with them, such as intermittant re-setting, overly-fragile colour flags amoungst others.


What experience have you guys had? Are they a reliable light?




Johnny Palmer


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What sort of units were you offered?

Profiles or Performances? Is or IIs? Magnetics or Electronics?


Just so you get a better and more specific response!


Also could you let us know what you consider to be a good price?Or if you dont want to disclose over a public forum,just drop me a PM.





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as far as I'm involved in the lighting bussines thing (I'm an operator) you will see two groups

the first group is pro Vari-Lite and stuff

and the other group is pro Martin and stuff


That's what I saw and still see first I was pro Martin but on this moment I am pro VL's...

So probably you are going to get some black white reactions...

unless there is some one who likes the both and can say what's the best for your situation... but I doubt that

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I would say they are as reliable as any other moving light i.e. the level of reliability is almost directly linked to how well they are looked after/serviced.


If the one's your buying are ex-hire don't let that put you off, they've generally been better looked after then some from an install.

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I'd say if there a good price, you can't go far wrong to be honest. People who know nothing about lighting and want a rig for this or that, will generally ask for 'macs'. If you say, "ah well I have some pilots or EVL somthings" I doubt they would be that interested. But macs, there well known and novices think they will look good.


They have proved themselves in the industry so I'd say go for it.



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