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Imaginary Mixer?


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Hi all,


I was trawling through the interweb yesterday searching for toys to buy and came across a mixer. It was a rack mixer, had 8 input channels with faders and each channel had 8 output/aux sends. In the sober light of today, I can't for the life of me remember who it was made by an have consequently spent the whole morning searching for it with no success.


Has anyone any idea what this mixer might be or the manufacture? It's ideal for my purpose and It's slowly dawning on me that I might have imagined it.


If so, can someone build it!:headsetsmiley:



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Thanks for your help in interpreting what I was wittering on about and proving that I'm not as mad as I thought.



"XL88 Midas XL88 stand-alone line level matrix mixer £3,157.00 + VAT & delivery"


Now you'll need to have a lie down in a darkened room ;-)

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Why stop at 8 auxes...you KNOW you'll end up needing more! :headsetsmiley:


Have a look at THIS ONE! You sacrifice faders for rotary level control, but you get an awful lot of monitoring for your money (which is a SRP of £1399 plus VAT).


I'm looking forward to playing with one some time.



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