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Lito 500 follow spot lamp


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Hi I have a lito 500 follow spot which is designed for the now obsolete Sn500/507 tin halide lamp. Does anyone have an alternative lamp for use in this lantern? I am fancying trying a MSR400 metal halide but cannot find specs to check the arc height will be compatible. If anyone had the Sn 500 spec sheet on file the info would be a great help. My other alternative I suppose would be to convert to a 1200w T29 and lose the ballast. I would prefer to keep the daylight factor though.

Hope someone can help.

Regards David

P.S. Philips are a non responder on this.

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Not holding out much hope here as previous post got no replies but does anybody know if there is a direct replacement for the SN250 tin halide lamp? We have two Lito 2000 followspots that apparently take the SN250 lamps.


Having Googled this from several directions all I've come up with is a spec page for the obsolete lamp http://www.lamptech.co.uk/Spec%20Sheets/Philips%20SN250.htm and a couple of sites offering SN250 lamps for several hundred dollars!


Is there anybody that can take the info in the spec and suggest a suitable equivalent?

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