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Keyboard Power supply


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I've had a look on Roland's website and there are no clues as to voltage or plug type. Just says it draws 360mA. You can almost certainly get a power supply from CPC (www.cpc.co.uk), but you need to know what voltage and check that the DC plug is the correct type.


Does the power supply socket on the back of the keyboard state a voltage or the polarity of the supply (pin +ve etc)?


More info and we'll be able to give you some help.



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A few minutes googling uncovered a pdf of the manual on http://www.synthman.com/cgibin/x.cgi/rolan...ls/XP-10_OM.pdf


If you look at page 13 it shows a picture of the back panel, which suggests that it's a 9v, 1000mA DC supply, on what looks like it might be a 2.5mm dc connector. I can't be sure about the connector from the pic, but it might be worth trying something like the CPC PW00139, cost about 7 quid, which is a 12v 1000mA regulated supply with a selection of adaptor plugs.


Note that according to that diagram, the connector is wired "pin -ve", whereas most common devices are "pin +ve"

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