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There isn't a real home for this post - so I put it here.


I keep getting phone calls from Hospital Radio Yare who service two hosiptals in North Sufolk/South Norfolk. They are having major problems with their links from the studio to the hospitals.


People keep suggesting me as the person who can sort it. I could, but I just don't have any time. So if anybody knows about these things and is this side of the country - I'd be happy to pass on your contact details.


The scenario is this:


Studio has a link transmitter in the 48Mhz band and receivers at James paget Hospital - about 2miles line of sight, and Lowestoft Hospital, around 8 miles - with a hefty path loss.


The symptom is that Lowestoft receiver has no signal. The closer hospital does. They have nobody at all who has an RF ability - just an electrician. So it could just be a feeder fault at Lowestoft, or at the transmitter. Even with a feeder problem the nearby hospital may have enough spare RF that the low strength isn't an issue.


So the job could be recabling/re-terminating, or the antenna could even have fell down at one end or the other. There are not any commercial dealers in the area who know anything about non-TV, so although I have said I can't do it, I promised to ask elsewhere - as in on here!


I've suggested local radio hams, but that hasn't worked. So if anybody is interested - drop me a pm.




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