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Basically we have 4 areas we want controlled with scrollers and 2 PSU's.


Each PSU I believe can take 6 scrollers, its a MAXI PSU and rainbow scrollers.


I want to know if after taking the Line out from the psu to the first scroller, and linking each together, if I have to link it back to the PSU, becuase I have a feeling you do, just want to be 100% sure.


If I do can I have the reason why, as this would benefit me and the LD for future knowledge.


Many Thanks



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Never mind using the BR search button, simply reading the manual would answer Alex's question very quickly. It would also tell him how many scrollers you can actually run from a Maxi PSU. If he's not in possession of a hard copy of the manual, the manuals for all Rainbow scroller products are easily accessible on the interweb.
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