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Thomann Ear Mic 500

Michael Beere

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I've used a batch of them for a couple of shows; meant to write a review here but never got around to it :huh:


Quick thoughts - they work really well generally. Quite sensitive (used with Senn Evo radio systems) - overloaded the transmitter input when actors (panto) were really shouting. The loop that goes around the ear is huge; on some girl's ears it needs a lot of tape to hold it in place otherwise it'll just fall off. The boom is quite flexible - not sure I'd want to keep bending it back & forth but for occasional minor re-sculpting of the curvature, it was fine. Usual problem with where the cable enters the plug being a weak point (no actual failures but I suspect in time that may go). We never managed to get them to feed back - even when actors walked right in front of the speakers!


Summary - sound good, look suitably discrete, but don't use them for really loud actors.


If you've got any specific questions, just ask.



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