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I hope this will help us all out...


I'm about to deal with our insurance policy (stock and PL) and as our stock value has increased and we need cover for the odd flying job our current insurer is not happy.



Who do you use?


Who not to use!? --- Not paid out on a claim..



How do you get on with unattended loading/unloading cover? (rare I know but it happens)


Hired cover, where the hirer hasn't got insurance. Currently I am covered for a percentage which wouldn't help in a total loss but will go some of the way..





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Hi Brett,


No one seems to have responded to you. To assist, you can contact me on 01245 500433 or Roy.Musk@theinsurancexperts.com (I am an insurance broker) or you can contact Oval (they trade as Torrible for firework insurance) - website http://www.theovalgroup.com/


For any guidance I will be pleased to assist, just phone me, doesn't have to be specifically insurance related.




Roy Musk

Insurance Experts Ltd

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I have delt with roy before for fireworks insurance.. he's a very helpful and friendly guy..


on a similar note, does anybody know of a company that will insure equipment that I hire? for example a weekend gig where I'm hiring a pearl for example (or is this something you can do roy?)




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