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Labelling lanterns


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What do people use (if anything) to label lanterns with? Basically, I'm going to have an incredibly short time to rig this next show, so when the kit comes I'd like to tag each lantern with position, colour, focus, channel number, grid socket, etc, so when the time for focussing comes I can get everything done as quickly as possible.


I don't want to stick something to the lantern cause that's kinda messy, but anything I tag onto it needs to be heat resistant. I'm sure somebody must have wanted to do this before, so does anyone have any ideas?





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Set a code via PVC for different degrees, location etc, and have it on a key on a piece of paper.


Also put the fixtures in the area they are going to help ease rigging time.


don't use chalk, its nasty and the hire companies wont appreciate it!



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