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stages in Ireland (Rep or Northen)?


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We are looking for a company that could supply a couple of nice stages to hire for a weekend .If based in Ireland would be better because of the budget is not too big.

May be one like this would do it, but also even a bit smaller aswell but enough to have a 5-6 members band

Big thanks

Can contact to info@neutronyx.com





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Hi Zefer,


Back in the nineties I remember covering some stage work with Star Events when there was a scaffold strike on in Ireland. A local contractor hired us in as all his stages at the time were based on scaff and the Dublin Unions were not going to let him use any during the strike hence we came over with a truck stage.


Sadly I cant remember the name of the company but I do believe they did buy a truck stage themselves for use in Ireland. It may be worth giving Star Events a call as they will remember the guy, sure they will try and hire you one of their stages, but if that is outside your budget I,m sure they will give you a name in Ireland.


sorry I can't be of more help



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there is a company based in Dublin called Rock Solid event services


00353 1 6670677


I think a google should find them, I have used them for several events in the past, but that was some years ago.


if they don't help try the database at www.party.ie





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Hi Zefer


there are two main staging companies in the republic


1) SGB Scafform

I have never used them but the head guy is Paul Griffin

They are based in North County Dublin


Rock stages/corperate/theatre.


2) Star Staging Systems

The contact there is Darren O'Toole at +35386372148

They are based in Tipperary but travel is not a problem


mainly corperate/theatre


There may be others but know not of them


hope that helps



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