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Looking for a new Stage Relay sound system - any links please

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We have just got our long awaited grant finalised and we are looking to install a sound relay system in our little theatre. We need at least two channels - 1 to go to the dressing rooms (2 speakers required) and 1 to go to everyone else (6 cans & mikes required).

Has anyone got any links to companies that might sell us the required equipment please. We are not in a position to make this stuff ourself but we can install it ourselves.

Thanks very much





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Do you want intercoms in there, or just stage relay? Stage relay to cans is unusual, so I'm assuming intercom. If I'm wrong, I'll come up with a plan B.


If you've got the budget I'd purchase a ClearCom CS-222 master station, (Link). Thats the easy bit.


For the dressing rooms a pair of Production Intercom LS2 desktop speakers or TecPro LS211T table speakers.


Add six sets of beltpacks and headsets from either TecPro BP111 plus cans or Production Intercom BP-1 plus cans, same websites as above. You need to pick out the sorts of cans you want, in terms of which range. The 200s are more robust.


Now you need to pick up stage audio, so you need one or more mics, a preamp or mixer, and preferably a compressor. Ideal pickup mic is Crown PCC160. Mixer could be anything tiny, such as a little Behringer or tiny Yammy MG if you dislike B*, but for the PCC160 mic it has to deliver 48v phantom power. Or you could look at the new tiny Roland digital mixer, the M-10DX, which has an inbuilt compressor too, but is so new you cant even download the instruction manual yet. If not, an external compressor, a RNC (Really Nice Compressor) would be perfect.


Thats it, job done. Except for cables, decent cables, and splitters.


If you are brave, you can order techpro stuff direct from the USA and maybe save (maybe a lot of) money, but work it out first! Northern Sound and Light (NSL) have good prices for Production Intercom kit, ie I couldn't find anywhere cheaper, but they only ship to USA, and require paying with USA funds or US credit card. So... you can join MyUS.com for $120 American. For $10 they will order the stuff for you from NSL. Work out what it will cost, send MyUS a cheque in USD (use http://www.xetrade.com, you transfer UKP to xetrade in the UK, they send a USD check in the US - note change of spelling!). Stuff arrives at MyUS, they will post it to you insured. Get them to insure it for the full value, and they'll declare it for the full US value. You will get charged VAT on arrival in the UK. Goods arrive at your door at good prices. Check what the postage cost will be for the weight you'll be sending. Some spreadsheet work to do there. And you get a neat NSL tee-shirt and car sticker in the box... Its a bit of effort, but I saved a lot of money buying several sets this way last year, compared to the local sources.


Several edits to knock this into shape.

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