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Best way to control this rig?


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Hi guys,

I've been asked to step in at the last minute to light a rock gig tomorrow night for a mate whos band is head lining..


simple rig. two stands with 2xled par64s and 2xLED floods on each.. 2xmovers at the back of the stage.. and 2xled floods on the drum kit.. and some strobes behind the kit.. its not the best setup but looks fairly cool, and its better than nothing which is what they were going to have!


controlled using bluelite X1 which is a purely adative system (not LTP or HTP) i.e. two subs one with channel 1 as 10 and the other with channel 1 at 20, put both up you'll get channel 1 at 30..


I've got a simple DMX controller with 8 faders (with flash buttons) and 8 latch buttons (with flash buttons), which I will use to control bluelite..


my question is.. I've tried setting it up so I have one fader that fades the movers in and out, another that flashs them, and then others that set the position and colour/gobo.. also have setup one button for LEDs Green, LEDs Blue, LEDs Red, LEDs All, and LEDs strobe..


bluelite has a shape generator type system which you can assign to a cue, so one sub can make the movers move around..etc.


but as you can imagine with only 16 subs its pretty limited..


bluelite can do multiple pages of subs I can load using the F keys.. I guess that might be solution.. keeping the standard LED stage washs on the same subs for each preset and changing preset inbetween each track perhaps?


I'm not used to lighting rock gigs so any suggestions are most welcome!




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I think the way you have described is the best way, using the software you have been given. It's the way I run the majority of my events.


I tend to have a few "shapes" assigned to subs, and a few different overall colours. Then you can simply mix everything together.


The otherway is just to create 16 unique states, with varying amount of movement in and then op the show this way, selecting the right state for the stage.


Techincally this way you can have an unlimited number of states.


If you wanted to get a bit more complex, then you can use the live panel software to get some really good chases, that again you can assign to keyboard keys and can be triggered on the beat or on key presses.

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I don't know the software you mention. However this is definitely sounds one of those "busking" moments! If you have time and software programming permits, setup a couple of chases, along with about 8 standard static presets. If you have control over the speed of the chases (to a point the chase will just stop until the time is decreased) I suggest you use that to stop any chases at the end of songs etc to keep the light looking smooth.


Failing that you could setup a sub that will just turn everything white and thus work as a blind, and then fade it back to a static preset. All depends on your software, but some ideas to ponder over :D

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hi guys,

thanks for the advice.. I've been looking around for a good control surface to use with bluelite, at present I'm using (don't laugh!) a dj mingle! idealy one with lots of channels with latch/flash buttons.. there doesn't seem to be anything around designed todo this. surely with most people using PC based DMX solutions this is going to become more important..





p.s. I'll try and get some photos of the gig..

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