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Modular Staging System


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A survey of other peoples kit is VERY important. If you go for a system and buy what you need for the first jobs, the big snag, as people have said, is when it isn't quite enough - and you just need a few bits more - it isn't economic to buy another 4 grands worth of kit for one job, when you could just hire it in, and then add the cost to your own invoice.


I got it wrong - bought metric deck - damn good stuff - but everyone within 50 miles of me has 8ft x 4ft deck made by the same people. Very annoying.


Unless you are overstocking, then it's just a bit silly to be a 'pioneer'.

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Looking to buy a modular staging system to add to hire stock.


I would be helpful if you could be a bit more specific about the use.

Are you looking for a drum riser or a 40' x 60' concert stage?

Fixed height or adjustable?

Single speaker behind a lectern or a car on stage?

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