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CHEAP G-clamps


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maplins are quite good


Now that's not a statement you'll see very often ;)


Personally, I feel that the only redeeming feature they have is convenience, being located in high streets.


But in this instance, the OP was asking for cheap clamps, and maplin are about double the price of the other suppliers mentioned above.


Indeed, the maplin "heavy duty" clamp (their words, not mine - it looks decidedly ordinary to me, but it's a relative term - the standard unit is only rated at 15kg) is a fiver, but it looks like exactly the same product is available from CPC for 1.40.

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You should be able to get hook clamps from most reputable suppliers for about £2.50-3.50. If that's considered expensive then you really shouldn't be buying equipment for suspending things over peoples heads!
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This thread reminds me of similar ones on video forums where people spending £6,000 want advice on cheap tripods and heads - saying £500 is too much! We have hundreds of pounds worth of heavy, delicate kit up in the air, and we're worrying about a few measly quid for a decent clamp?
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I don't understand - when you tighten the wingnut, it comes undone - and that means it's stuck? How strange.
maybe the 'wings' break off....? Wouldn't surprise me.


Ah - looking at their budget clamps, the wing bolt is in fact a plastic thumb-wheel, which looks as though it could easily be over-tightened and strip the plastic inner thread..


And their heavy-duty jobbie looks a little more robust, though even that looks like the wings on the bolt might not be as sturdy as a theatrical clamp...

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Your after cheap G clamps... perhaps people should be directing you to this site >> Forge Steel G Clamp 50mm :huh:


Seriously though, best bet for cheap hook clamps (new not ex hire) is on usedlighting's 'new gear' website.., as you can see, you get everything you need i.e. nut/bolt set, etc. They are of the Chinese variety, but, AFAIK they are punched with a rating! And the extra long wing bolt (that has quite a nice/easy to put some pressure to with out a wing nut spanner 'handle') is useful IMO, if you ever want to use them on smaller bar, probably anything as small as 30mm-ish.


After that, I've had quite a lot of luck recently finding stuff at pretty cheap prices from Graeme at Phase 5 >> info@phase5.uk.com. I think I remember seeing some hook clamps on his list that he out every so often, probably something like a quid per clamp.





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