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Theatre Projects Desks

Simon MFR

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Greetings Weblings


Hoping someone here may be able to shed a little light on these units I have in my possession. Two modular Theatre/Technical Projects desks hand built by a chap by the name of Sam Wise. The sliders are Penny & Giles apparently, the connections are Neutrik, and they have both been sitting in a guys attic for some years. That’s all I know. The intended destination for the units were my community studio, but we now have a Tascam digi desk.



I’d like to cannibalise the two to make one marvellous desk, but, is it worth it. With no real knowledge of this kind of kit, and no means to test it in its current condition, would it be worth my while ie sound quality/financial value?


Any comments appreciated. Thankyou to Mark PA Man for generally being great x





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Well, there's a history of Theatre Projects HERE. The section about the mixing desk is under the 1974 section.


I only know these desks by reputation but, in their day, they were well thought of and had a reputation for quality. I believe (and your photos bear this out) that the design was highly modular, allowing you to populate a frame pretty much as you wanted.


This would bode well for a restoration/combination project since, in theory, you can just plug in any working modules you can find and try them out (probably following a good cleaning of all the contacts, pots and faders!). However, you do need to bear in mind that this mixer is over thirty years old and electronic components can and do deteriorate over time. Documentation is likely to be a major issue too, since the audio side of Theatre Projects was quickly sold to Strand who eventually got out of the audio business...and who, of course, have had their own problems.


As for the value, I'm fairly sure that it would only be as a collector's item. It might be worth ringing Theatre Projects themselves to see if they have any ideas.



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