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Hitachi CP X380

Al Arthur

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I've recently dug out a DPU (Hitachi CP X380) from work which was out of service as the red lens seemed missed aligned. I was told the unit had been sent away for repair before but had come back with the same problem. I've tried altering the height of one of the Len's and this seems to make a slight improvement but the problem is still pretty bad.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next?

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It's been a fair time since I messed with one of those, but there's something in the back of my head that says the fault may well be that somebody aligned the green and blue, when the red was misaligned badly - and although it appears that the red is the problem, it is just that the convergence required is outside the red channel limits. If the blue and green (without red) are aligned well then it could be a simple case of moving both in the direction of the red channels problem, then starting again.




I remember this model as an old 3 lense projector with manual convergence - but I've just had a quick google and can only find reference to this number as a single lens lcd projector - with no convergence controls. The one I'm thinking anout would be around 10-12 years old now. If it's the modern desktop one, I can't help at all - I'm afraid.

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