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DA Lite Rear Projection Screen


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Hi everyone


I was wondering if anyone had an 8x6 da lite rear projection screen for sale, I have the frame , I bought it off e bay but the guy mis sold it, it isnt a true rear projection, any help would be appreciated, or if anyone has any links to where they sell them.


by the way as an intro I am based in manchester I have my own mobile dj business WWW.HONKYTONKSULTIMATEDISCOS.COM :blink:



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Harkness Hall would be where I would start looking for a new one.



As far as I'm aware, Harkness Hall make their own screens, so it may be that they don't fit the Da-Lite frame?


Firms such as Wedgwood Group sell Da-Lite, and may be able to get the screen for you.


However, a colleague of mine ordered one last year and is still waiting for it to arrive....



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Try Da-Lite directly.


I recently ripped one of mine, and although it was out of warranty, Da-Lite said that the UK dealer/distributor would provide me one free of charge, and Da-Lite would pay for it. When the UK dealer/distributor wouldn't comply, Da-Lite themselves sent me a brand new one free of charge Priority Mail from the States.


Customer service doesn't get any better than that!

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