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CD burner for live recording

Simon Lewis

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Went to order an HHB Burnit (I know - they do break down) but found it's the victim of ROHS and is no longer available (too expensive to redesign was the excuse).


Other possibilities are Sony RCDW100B (but has no rack ears)


Tascam CDRW900


Fostex CR500


The latter two have ears.


Anyone have experience of the above? Price is not the over riding issue, but I need acceptable reliability. Application is once a week recording (yep - the customer's sermon)



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I have had reliability issues with an older model Tascam CD recorder. (Very similar to the Tascam CDRW900, but the older model)


The deck basically refused to talk to the laser, it was rectified by installing a new laser board apparently (was under warranty, so repair was done by supplier).


I haven't heard of anyone else with this problem though, and since repair it has been working fine.

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I just use a Marantz CDR310 for the first time, and it is a great CD recorder for live recording. It is not rack mountable, it is a field recorder format, but it is perfect for live recording. It has a 4GB internal hard drive that will hold 5 hrs of PCM stereo recording. At the end of the show you hit "make CD" and it burns whatever you have recorded onto as many CDs as it takes. It does not do long term storage of the hard drive. When you have made all the CDs you want, you stop saying yes when it asks if you want to make another, and it erases the drive to get ready for the next job.


With a recorder that records directly to CD you have the problem of changing discs of you go over the limit. You can also break the recording up into CD tracks on the fly by hitting record to start a new file. It worked great for me.



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