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Jem Heavy Fogger 6500 Fuses

Don Allen

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Does anyone have the fuse values for the Jem HF6500 Trigger board please.


I have taken over a repair and have replaced triacs 2 and 4, were 16 amp and had gone previously so upgraded to 24 amps, however there are a few fuses missing, going to the wiring loom.


I have got the service manual from the Jem site but it does not cover the fuses.



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Hi Don,


Just had a quick look, and fuses on the Trigger Board are as follows:


Live Mains Input: 800ma

Heavy Fog Contactor: 1a

Heater Contactor: 1a

Defrost Valve: 1a

Heavy Fog Pump: 1a

Condensor Fan: 3.15a

Smoke Pump: 1a

Evaportator Fan: 3.15a

Heater No. 1: 10a

Heater No. 2: 10a

Heater No. 3: 10a

Heater No. 4: 10a


All fuses 20mm except for the 10a which are 1 1/4".


Hope this helps



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