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Multi track/channel recording


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I have recently been asked to record a live band with a view to them having a DVD produced.I want to record every desk channel input as live, then subsequently mix the track down in a studio.Previously when I did this I used a system called ADAT I think, which basicaly used a box of tricks to record every channel onto about 6 video type recorders which was later dumped down at the studio.I dont think this system exists any more or if it does I cant find it).I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way of doing this these days, just for a one off event.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.



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There's a current live topic on just this subject here


ADAT is (was) a modular 8 track recording system that used S-VHS tapes to record digital audio. You could buy more and build up a syncable system in block of 8, as in 8/16/24. You got about forty odd minutes of audio on a 3hr tape. The HD24, mentioned in the other thread is a replacement, for these.


ADATS were, in my opinion pretty good, but needed regular servicing which was pretty expensive. Have a read of the other thread.


In the meantime, I'll close this one, as it's a straight duplicate.

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