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Book on Stage Painting please


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We are an amateur group producing 6 shows a year. Our set painter is self-taught and admits to often not knowing the best methods/equipment/etc to use.


She has just created a fantastic 'antarctic' set and I'd like to give her a book on other stage painting techniques and tips. This might be a chapter in a more general stagecraft book or a book on this topic alone. Any suggestions please?

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Might be worth looking at Rosco_PDF.

I've found the Rosco notes useful for their lighting & screen products certainly - and I've also found the product support at Rosco excellent.


Having watched a number of floors dry over the years, it would seem to me that preparation of the surface is the key along with good quality paint. However, I'm merely a lighting designer.



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There are also book recommendations on Jon Primrose's site - theatrecrafts.com


Rosco Technotes include some detailed instructions for achieving various scenic finishes. I went to a scenic workshop a couple of years ago given by Jen Knott and actually handled some of the examples illustrated in these notes and they were stunning!




Edit: Beaten to it!

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