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Trouble with my mackie D8B


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I am having great problems with my Mackie D8B console and wondered if anyone could help solve it as I have tried everything I can think of.

My set up at the moment is a very old PC running Cubase SX linked up to my D8B via two sets of lightpipes givign me 16 channels playback through the D8B

The probelm I am having is my console freezes up when I play back audio from cubase back through the desk. The meter lights freeze up and none of the controls work on the desk. However having said that I I still have full control over the desk Via the mouse on screen however if I move the fader on screen it doesnt affect the desk like it should as it is completly frozen up. The audio still plays through it fine. I have noticed also that it tends to happen more when I send more channels through. for example if I just send a couple of guitar tracks through the desk it seems to be ok, if I then add 6 drum tracks it seems to freeze then. I also noticed that it seems to freeze when what is going through gets louder as well, for example it might freeze just as the crash cymbols come in on a drum track. This might be irrelivent but I am not sure! I hope thats enough information

If anyone can shed any light on the matter I would be most grateful!!








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Not the answer you will wish to hear, but I once worked with a venue that was an early purchaser of the D8B and throughout the time we had it, it was plagued with frequent freezes and problems. We never managed to sort these out and eventually sent the unit back to Mackie demanding a refund. Our experiences were not unique..at that stage there was even a web site for disgruntled D8B users that organised a campaign to get refunds.



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Not sounding too good! I have had a look on the Mackie forum, cant see anyone else with a exact problem, unfortunalty its taking a age to register as they have to "check me out" whatever that is!

I am just hoping is a case of a cable or connection or a setting rather than a new motherboard or anything else equally expensive!


So very frustrating!

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