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Building Little Shop of Horrors Plants


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We are putting on Little Shop later this year, and want to build our own plants, rather than hire. As an amateur group, we don't have much money, but want to do the best we can and we have some really keen plant builders on the job. We have a good idea what we want to do, but are having trouble with making the tendrils of the largest plant both rigid enough to stand up, yet flexible enough to move around under their own momentum. We have looked at springs of various gagues, and lengths of hosepipe. Any technical geniuses out there have any further inspiration, please? Thanks!

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Steel welding rod for acetylene (not MIG or TIG!) is stiff and fairly flexible in longer lengths.

A local welder will be able to supply it - the stuff is pretty cheap.


Piano wire is a slightly more flexible alternative, available from all good craft shops. It's more expensive than welding rod though.

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