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Jands 408 Controller Personality Source


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I have a Jands Event 408 Automated Light Controller, we have recently bought Martin MAC700 Profiles, and the problem is that Jands Personality for this MAC700, I cannot seem to find one. Any help is much appreciated. URGENT HELP.

Any personality also for the Publitech BEAMOVER 40? URGENT HELP.


Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks for your response. I really admire Avolites for their Personality website. I hope others would create the same also. Thanks again!


Hi there,


Jands do a library editor which will allow you to create your Profiles on your PC so that if you can't find, for example a Mac 700 then you can make one up, the link for this is http://www.jands.com.au/jandsweb/dl_software.html and just download Event4 Library Editor PC Software.







It is really hard to use their personality software. I hope Jands do something about Martin's new light. I hope Martin creates a website also supporting their brand new latest fixtures with personalities of different controllers who have no updates for their personalities.

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