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Sennheiser ew100 advice


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the effect is made worse if you have backing tracks that are compressed heavily - many are, to try to make them sound 'louder' - the effect you've noticed is pretty common. The only real solution is to work really hard on your mic technique - many people accidentally 'copy' the artistes they cover, and some, especially on the videos really overdo the hand movements. realistically, you need to keep the microphone a constant distance from your mouth. The way a cardioid mic works, the tone changes as the distance changes, so if you use it almost touching the lips your voice will be warmer, huskier and very bass heavy - as you move it away, the bass drops away rapidly, making the tone thinner and much weaker. Obviously, the volume also drops off at the same time which is a pain.


Get somebody to video you singing, then watch how the mic moves - you can't really sing and watch it yourself. Then, if I'm right, you'll probably see you are using the mic as a prop, not as a mic.


You can't recover this by any kind of volume adustment, as when it's away from your mouth, ramping up the gain to give more volume just makes it feedback. People may advise a compressor which, in the studio, may be able to manage the volume issue, but live, in a smallish venue it will be dreadful - feedback warning will vanish and you'll get an unstable system.


Mic technique is the key. Watch other people. Untrained people seem to wave the mic around all over the place, often rapdily moving it away from the mouth at the end of each phrase - looks a bit odd, sounds toally grim!

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