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Safety Chains Again...


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Well I'm new here and I need a bit of advice, and you lot seem a helpful bunch :blink:


I'm installing a new PA system in a church and I'm using speakers mounted on wall brackets, via a top-hat arrangement. Question is, do I need to use safety chains? Is there any accepted wisdom on this issue?


The speakers are mounted above head height, so its unlikely that anyone will mess with them. But, they're easy to remove if you lift them off vertically.


The're fairly small - only 12Kg each - but I guess that's quite a bit falling on top of someone's head ;)


Another alternative might be to bolt the speakers to the stands somehow, but that would mean I wouldn't be able to re-orient them if I wanted too later.


I'm quite happy to add safety chains if people think its a significant risk. But they are a bit ugly, so I don't want to be too paranoid about something going wrong.


What do you guys (& gals ??) think?



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I'm ever so slightly confused - early in your post you mention wall brackets, but then a few lines further down you say "bolt the speakers to the stands" - which is it?! :blink:


Anyhoo, assuming you're speaking about mounting on wall brackets - there's nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting a safety bond on them - just drill an extra eye bolt into the wall behind the speaker and run a small steel safety bond from that to the speaker. Job done! And for the sake of a few bob more and a few minutes extra work, why not?

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As Gareth said, an extra eye-bolt is the way to go plus you could always use that to run in something to stop them 'walking'. (hint - a bit of chain and a padlock). It shouldn't look too bad if done behind the cabinets.
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