Par 64

Par 64
Name: Par 64
Manufacturer: Various
Lantern Type: Parcan
Lamp Type: CP60, CP61, CP62 and others
Wattage: 1000 or 500W
Weight: 1.3 (approx)kg
Beam Angle: °
Colour Size: mm
PPS (Lee):
PPS (Rosco):
Gobo holder:
Par 64.jpg
Lantern Data Table

Par 64 is a type of Parcan, the number 64 refers to the diameter of the lamp in 1/8ths of an inch. Parcans use various different type of lamps, which have a fixed beam angle and can't be varied in the way that profiles or fresnels can. Par lamps give out an oval beam, hence why you will usually need to rotate the lamp inside the parcan to achieve the focus you are after.



The most common lamps (and their closest 120v equivalents in brackets) are 1000W and as follows :

  • CP60 (FFN) - clear lens, beam angle of 9x12º - VNSP (Very Narrow Spot)
  • CP61 (FFP) - frosted lens, beam angle of 10x14º - NSP (Narrow Spot)
  • CP62 (FFR) - lenticular (stepped) lens (looks like a car headlamp), beam angle of 11x24º - MFL (Medium Flood)

The CP stands for Colour Photography; all CP lamps have a colour temperature of 3200K, for ease of use in TV and film contexts.

The following lamps are also available, but encountered less frequently :

  • EXG (240v) - beam angle of 57x21º
  • CP95 - grided lens, beam angle of 70x70º - WFL (Wide Flood)
  • FFS (120v lamp) - lenticular lens, beam angle of 24x48º

Par 64 lamps also come in 500w flavours, with slightly different beam angles. These are number CP86 (VNSP), CP87 (NSP) and CP88 (MFL).