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The Blue Room Wiki

Welcome to the Blue Room Wiki. This is our new knowledgebase for everything backstage and relies on you to contribute materials in order for it to expand.

The "vision" is to create not only an extensive online reference document, but to make it the obvious first place to look when you are searching for any info that falls within our basic remit.

Some useful pages:

If you've never used a wiki before - and some may find it a bizarre concept - there is a page describing what a wiki is. But the important thing to remember is that it is not a spectator sport! Please contribute - the more you put in, the more you'll get out of it.

To start with, we've put together a few categories which you can file your articles under. This will grow as more content gets created.

Creating and editing a document here is fairly straightforward - if you can post to the forum, you can create a wiki article. See Help:Creating An Article and Help:House Style.

At present, this site is still in beta form, but there's already a fair amount of content from many contributors. However, more info is always welcome.

As with all Wikis, most articles will be open for any members to edit. Only a few will be Protected - if you feel these need updated, leave a note on the corresponding discussion page.

Share and enjoy.