A gobo is a small metal or glass plate, which slots into the gate of a profile spotlight (also used in moving lights). They have a cut-out or printed pattern, which can be projected onto the stage. With additional equipment, gobos can also be rotated, or used with an animation disc to create many interesting effects.

The origin of the name 'gobo' is unclear. One theory suggests it's a slang contraction of "go-between", as the gobo goes between the lamp and the lens of a profile. Image below from Projected Image the premier UK gobo manufacturer.


One well-known gobo manufacturer is DHA, who are now owned by gel manufacturer Rosco.

Gobo Size

Gobos come in lots of different sizes:

  • A size gobos (100mm diameter, 75mm max image diameter)
  • B size gobos (86mm diameter, 64.5mm max image diameter)
  • M size gobos (65.5mm diameter, 49.5mm max image diameter)

Gobo Holder

A gobo holder is used for holding a gobo in the gate of a lantern. There many different sizes of holder, and the holders also have different size holes for gobos of different sizes. Some common holders are listed below, with their DHA references (where known):

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